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Training the Great Dane


Training Tips


We believe in basic training and obedience and firmly recommend that all puppies either attend puppy training sessions with a qualified instructor or attend your local obedience club for guidance. Right from the age of 8 weeks when your new baby enters your home, he will need rules and boundaries but most of all socialization with other puppies, interaction with children and contact with adults. They also need life experiences outside of the home environment, for a well rounded, confident and happy puppy we believe training and socialization is one of the most important aspects when considering a Dane puppy for your family. If you are not prepared to put the effort in with training and socialization a pup requires, maybe this is not the breed for you. It's not long before that cute little puppy becomes a 75 kilo bouncing ball of energy, an unruly, out of control Dane can be hazardous to those whom he lives with.
A well trained and well behaved Great Dane is a pleasure to take anywhere and live with.

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Strathfieldsaye, VIC, Australia
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