Darkat Great Danes 



Pre Purchase Puppy Questionnaire:








If you are interested in a Great Dane puppy from us, we require you to fill in our questionnaire. Its contents remain private and confidential and we require any interested future owners complete it.
It is not designed to interrogate nor find out personal information but to ensure that the persons inquiring are geniune and dedicated to the health and well being of their future family member.






All puppies are sold under contract, pets and companions on Limited Register are also sold with a de-sexing contract with the total amount of money for the procedure being refunded on proof of de-sexing.
Please contacts us for further information regarding the contracts.








1. Please start with an introduction of yourself, Name, Contact details, Occupation and Interests. Tell us why you have chosen this breed to become apart of your family?


2. Tell us how you found us?



3. Have you spoken to other breeders?, if so, with whom?
    and are you on any other waiting lists for puppies?


4. Have you owned or bred dogs before? if so, please tell us what breed you have owned or bred?
    Do you currently have a dog?


5. Have you ever surrendered a dog to a pound or a shelter? if so, please state the circumstances?



6. Do you have any children? if so, what are their ages?


7. Do you rent or own your own residence?


8. Is your home adequately secure with appropriate fencing for a small or giant size dog?


9. Will your Great Dane puppy live inside your home or will he/she be an outside dog?




10. Where will your puppy sleep at night?

11. Do you have adequate transport for a giant breed?



12. Do you have a vet locally that has had some experience with Great Danes? if so please put their name and contact details below.


13. Would you consider Obedience Training with your Dane?


14. Would you be prepared to sign a de-sexing contract with the breeder? Yes / No (Pets / companions only)




15. Do you have a basic understanding of the Great Dane, Health, Temperament and Medical requirements





16. Are you prepared to socailise your Dane puppy with other dogs, children and adults regularly?


17. Are you interested in show quality puppy or companion puppy? what sex would you prefer?


18. Who will be the primary care giver to the puppy?


19. Are you prepared to remain in contact with the breeder throughout the life of the Dane?




The purchase of a Darkat Great Dane is not the end of the transaction but the beginning of a relationship!

Contact Details
Kathy Smith
Strathfieldsaye, VIC, Australia
Phone : 0418305769
Email : [email protected]

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